Greg J. Winter of WINTEK Technical Services specializes in the integration and programming of A/V systems. As a Crestron Certified programmer he has programmed projects that include: teleconference and video conference systems, DSP audio sound systems and some projects that include digital signage servers with edge-blended large projection or LED displays.

This website contains older projects that Greg has completed. Stay tuned for updates to this website include up to date jobs.

Previously Greg worked in the audio, video and laser entertainment business since 1988. He has built laser projection systems used in shows in Rochester, N.Y., Concord, N.H., Atlantic City, N.J. and Crazy Horse, S.D. Using his entrepreneurial spirit and electronic knowledge he has designed and built show control systems, amplifiers, computer interfaces and lighting systems.

Greg also programs AMX systems as well. His latest endeavor is to to become AMX certified as well.

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